I primarily write memoir, focusing on gender & race politics, and general features on cultural criticism. Djed Press is the home for a lot of my work around these topics, as I am a regular contributor there.

When I’m not writing memoir I also write non-fiction features. I love a challenge full of research and interviews, especially on topics left of field. Check out my pieces published by Feminartsy and The Lifted Brow to see this work.

Ongoing I am a Small Screens critic for The Big Issue, as well as a New Review critic for Witness, but I’m always open to doing reviews on books, films, TV shows and music, like the work I’ve done for Kill Your Darlings and Junkee!

Follow the links below to read some of my work.

How Spike Lee’s Been Ahead Of The Curve On Race In Movies For Decades
Feature | Junkee | December 2018

Why Are You Like This on ABC
Review | The Big Issue | December 2018

One Night In Footscray
Feature | Witness | December 2018

A Girl’s Guide To Personal Hygiene by Tallulah Pomeroy
Review | Kill Your Darlings | November 2018

The Goods by Vox
Review, Small Screens | The Big Issue | November 2018

Commentary | Djed Press | October 2018

Hate Watching Is Still Watching: Why We Need To Stop Giving Bad Shows A Chance
Feature | Junkee | October 2018

A Life In Sleepovers
Review | Witness | September 2018

Normal People By Sally Rooney
Review |  Kill Your Darlings | September 2018

The Thin Line Between Sanity and Madness
Review | Witness | September 2018

Cher & Retweet Podcast
Review, Small Screens | The Big Issue AU | September 2018

Unsolicited Advice And Other Problems
Review | Witness | September 2018

Brow By Numbers: Public Libraries
Commentary | The Lifted Brow | September 2018

Memoir | Meanjin | August 2018

Blessed Is The Fruit
Prose | Djed Press | July 2018

Inclusivity, Accessibility And Empathy In Politics
Feature | Feminartsy | July 2018

Memoir | Djed Press | May 2018