Selected Writings

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Critics & TikTok Love Encanto — But As A Latinx Australian Woman, It Means A Lot More Feature, Refinery29 | January 2021

How Spike Lee’s Been Ahead Of The Curve On Race In Movies For Decades Feature, Junkee | December 2018

Emily In Paris Is An Absolute Mess Feature, Junkee | October 2020

How Clarice dismantles the damsel in distress trope Feature Review, | February 2021

Should You Bother Watching Dating Around Column, Junkee | March 2019

Should You Bother Watching Derry Girls Column, Junkee | January 2019

Normal People By Sally Rooney Review, Kill Your Darlings |  September 2018

Public Libraries Series Commentary, The Lifted Brow | June 2019

Australiana Memoir, Djed Press | May 2018